Stile Nu is an experimental baroque orchestra.

Stile Nu performing at the 2019 Launch Event

We are looking for a new kind of classical music and a new kind of concert. That the musical past is a vast and unknowable domain is the single biggest thing that draws us to it. Stile Nu exists to mine its darkest corners and deepest niches, producing new insights about the most invisible musical pasts and generating music that is utterly unlike anything else.

Stile Nu is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization incorporated in Illinois, USA. Our mission is to build interest in historical musical cultures among present-day audiences of classical and non-classical music by:

  • curating, interpreting, and presenting historical music according to recent research that challenges the status quo of historical performance practice;
  • commissioning, curating, interpreting, and presenting contemporary music that engages historical topics and instruments;
  • creating multidisciplinary experiences that explore music’s historical relationships with diverse senses, art forms, and social activities.

Artistic Director:
Carlo Diaz

Consulting Executive Director:
Alexander Fruin

Board of Directors:
Thomas Orlando, President
Sid Suresh
Mark van Gorder